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Please - not too high expectations!

This page is kept pretty simple. It was not my intention to add another technical-profound photocamera homepage to the existing photo-websites. Others did that already much better ... (please refer to the links section).

Born in Dresden - a cradle of the photo-optical industry - I just want to show a kind of appreciation and respect to engineers, mechanics and opticians in a fascinating world of single-lens reflex cameras (SLR's).
Brand names like Zeiss-Ikon, ICA , Altissa, Balda, Contax, Exa & Exakta, Ihagee, Korelle, Praktiflex, Praktina, Praktica, Pentacon, Welta ... came from Dresden . Remarkable personalities like Richard Hüttig, Emil Wünsche, Heinrich Ernemann, Charles A. Noble, Paul Guthe, Benno Thorsch, Ferdinand Merkel, Franz Kochmann, Ernst Ludwig, Woldemar Beier, Johan Steenbergen and last but not least - Karl Nüchterlein have created a huge heritage.

I did neither become a photographer nor an optician by tradition. But as an exploring geologist and oil field engineer I travelled a lot, always a camera in my bag - with the good feeling of being a Dresdener. Some of the places I've seen on my way, you'll find here ...

You are welcome to visit!

Back again - thank everyone for having patience with me ;-) !
Left: very early Kine Exakta with first edition of the fast 2.8/18cm Sonnar. Right: late Elbaflex, the last Exakta model mady by Ihagee in Dresden (1969) equiped with Voigtländer Zoomar, the world's first SLR-zoom lens.

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